About the American Friends

The American Friends of the J. B. Harley Research Fellowships, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity, located at 214 Main St., Freeport, ME 04032. Electronic communications can be sent to katedney (at) hotmail.com.

The American Friends was initiated by those in the U.S.A. who wanted to remember the contributions to the history of cartography by Brian Harley (1932-1991). It provides an efficient channel for tax-deductible donations to fund two worthwhile causes that promote scholarly research and communication within the history of cartography and so contribute significantly to the intellectual health and viability of the field.

J. B. Harley Research Fellowships

The J. B. Harley Research Fellowships Trust has, since 1993, helped researchers access the many great map collections in the London area. In 2006 the awards were expanded to cover all map collections within the entire United Kingdom. Sixty-four such fellowships have been awarded through 2012. Since the American Friends was formed in December 1995, it has helped the Trust underwrite the majority of these fellowships; indeed, twenty-six of these fellows have come from U.S. institutions. The fellowships are highly competitive (during this period, 218 people have applied for fellowships) and foster high-quality research.

Travel Grants to the International Conferences on the History of Cartography

The American Friends also raises funds to allow scholars (including students) on limited budgets to travel to the International Conferences on the History of Cartography to present competitively selected papers and posters. Since this program was initiated, the American Friends has enabled 15 scholars to attend the conferences in Athens (1999), 20 in Madrid (2001), 22 in New England (2003), 15 in Budapest (2005), 15 in Berne (2007), 13 in Copenhagen (2009), 19 in Moscow (2011), and 18 in Helsinki (2013). These scholars have represented all the populated continents. The result has been a marked expansion of the community of researchers attending the conference, promoting intellectual exchange and communication.

Making Contributions to the American Funds

It is currently not possible to make contributions online.

Please send a check made payable to “Harley Fellowships” to the above address, together with the following information:
a) how you would like to be acknowledged;
b) if relevant, how you would like to divide your contribution between the Harley Research Trust and the ICHC travel grants.

All contributions are acknowledged in the annual report of the Harley Research Trust.


Roger S. Baskes
Matthew H. Edney (chair)
Kenneth Nebenzahl
Dennis Reinhartz


Matthew H. Edney (president)
Kenneth Nebenzahl (vice-president)
Kathryn A. Edney (secretary-treasurer)


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